Pronet is an IT security specialist

Pronet has developed a number of security services based on experience, IT industry rules and local market demands in order to provide customers with the most advanced and in depth protection.

Our Services

Perimeter Security

Perimeter security is a set of physical security, devices and security policies that provide levels of protection against remote malicious activity to a network.

Endpoint Security

By the term “Endpoint security” we mean that each device (end point) physical or virtual is responsible for its own security against electronic threats and attacks.

Content Security

Pronet provides content security, data control and data leak prevention (DLP) solutions for incoming and outgoing internet traffic of the network, including web surfing and messaging.

Systems Security

Protecting information is a business requirement, and in many cases also a legal or even an ethical requirement.

Data Availability

Data availability is used by computer industry to describe products and services that ensure that data continues to be available at a required level of performance.

IT Risk Management

IT risk management can be considered a component of a wider Enterprise risk management system.

Pen Testing

Pronet has developed a number of security assessment services in order to provide customers with the most advanced and in depth: Vulnerability, Pen testing and Risk Analysis.

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Disaster Recovery & Continuity

Continue operating in case of disruptive incidents / disasters and recover to an operational state within a predefined reasonably short period.

Security Awareness

For us in Pronet, security is operational and effective when three axis: People, Procedures and Products have been under consideration when to design a protection model that works!

e-Discovery & Continuity

eDiscovery, today's cutting edge security technology – enables legal, compliance, and IT teams to respond rapidly and efficiently to event-driven investigation demands and ongoing information governance needs.