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Pronet was established in 1992, and today is considered as one strategic network security partner by numerous organizations of different sizes and footprint globally. Our expertise, continuous innovation, learning and young talent, allows to grow and serve many customers across industries.

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Our people, our strength.

We base our success on senior IT engineers certified in every technology we are currently working with and on the long-standing relationships with many of today's most innovative and successful network and security providers and manufacturers.

We deliver Turn-key solutions that work, no matter how complex they are.

Technical excellence is at the heart of everything we do. We provide technical advices, service and support to help you protect, maintain and govern your infrastructure and applications.

Our customers, our treasure.

Company's portfolio includes only successful projects and happy partners. If you want to Centralize, Virtualize, Protect data, systems and applications within your organization, we will be delighted to tell you more about us and how we could assist you to reach the next business level today.

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Most of the projects Pronet takes on and delivers cannot be published
due to the sensitivity of their own nature.

However, we are able to share some of our great work
done with some of our greatest customers.

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Number of Customers in 12 different industry segments
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