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Experience has shown that many of the disruptive events reported to Pronet, could have been avoided if the relevant update had been applied in a timely fashion.

Nowadays, tasks related to IT infrastructure security, consume more IT resources than anything else!

It is very common for the most critical security and application hot fix updates to go uninstalled for extended periods of time, or not be installed at all. Often the reasons are due to limited skilled resources and day-to-day judgment calls about what is more or less important.

Throughout any given month, there are always new Microsoft security updates, Symantec anti-virus updates and system hot fixes that someone has to address accordingly. Sometimes this is a painful and time-consuming task but there is always a chance, of a single instance of noncompliance, to leave the entire enterprise at risk.

The Solution

Pronet Patch Management Service provides an effective solution that address the five deployment steps — identification of required updates, acquisition of updates, distribution to appropriate system nodes, installation and compliance auditing. For large environments, the savings can add up to hundreds of hours per year.

Pronet Patch Management Service, removes the burden of security patch management from your IT staff by administering the protective updates for Windows, Symantec, and other systems.

With our Management Services, your IT staff can apply its energy toward initiatives that support strategic goals instead of applying security patches.

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