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Expanding the range of Security Services,

Pronet has a wide and already built expertise on OT Security in cooperation with Claroty Platform and Services.

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But what is OT Security?

OT is about protecting industrial control networks from cyber attacks; ensuring safe and continuous operation of the world's most critical infrastructure.

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How does Pronet provides OT services?

Pronet delivers services using Claroty solutions. By using our tools and our processes will provide accurate asset inventories, coupled with strong processes for change management, completed with ready to use processes and procedures which are essential for long-term OT asset management.

In addition, the ability to monitor the network and report on unanticipated changes or anomalous behavior will be possible at any OT Level.

Our methodology includes the following steps:

OT in Shipping

IMO had recognized that a ship's onboard information technology and operational technology systems can be hacked just as easily as systems ashore, and that such security breaches have the potential to do considerable harm to the safety and security of ships, ports, marine facilities and other elements of the maritime transportation system. Apart from IT, OT and Critical Infrastructure have become major topics. Detailed information for the configuration and operation of a system is essential to detect anomalous or unusual behavior that could be an indication of an attack or possible compromise.

Products and technology that provide these capabilities must be justified based on solid business- and operations related criteria and implemented in a manner that complements normal operation of these systems.

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Ensuring the security of ICS and the prevention or detection of cyber-attacks and events is of increasing importance to asset owners considering rapidly evolving risks. Tools should:
  • Include the capability to be tailored to the needs of a variety of roles, like Automation engineers, Process operators, Security Operations Center (SOC) and Maintenance and support staff.
  • Support "Totally Passive Operation" as described in IEC 62443-2-4 Security program
  • Have "Extensive Protocol Support" like MODBUS and DNP3 and
  • To be able to detect Configuration Changes.

And Solutions should also:

  • Provide a graphical view of the environment, identifying the functional components and the pathways between them.
  • Deliver a summary of system status, which includes the number of current and newly discovered assets, any potential anomalies and a traffic trend.

Pronet already has delivery of IT &OT solutions on both sea and shore, through which the company has developed the skills and methodologies to address the needs, mitigate the risks and safeguard vessels IT and OT systems.

How can Pronet help you secure your industrial infrastructure:

Design and implement CTD

(site survey, tapping points selections, network preparedness, installation) with an aim to closely monitor the findings.

Assets, Access, Policies

We feed assets, access, policies and methodologies into the risk matrix.

Security Findings CTD

We evaluate our security findings coming from CTD and feed the risks.

Risk Matrix

We build our risk matrix and based on controls in place, we calculate residual risk and risk treatment plant.

Our expertise and projects are far beyond the Greek borders and we keep on growing.

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