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Cloud IT:

office 365


With the power of Microsoft O365 any modern business can enjoy multiple benefits, staying secure at the same time.



Microsoft Azure
is today the premier
business cloud solution
for businesses.



Mobility +

On Premise IT:

Our first focus has always been to be able to deliver A-class Infrastructure services.


continuous professional


Back up
& DR

Digital Transformation is Upon Us

Despite the fact that we are currently living the years of Digital Transformation that pushes companies towards new systems and platforms that in most cases work via the Cloud, there are still more traditional companies that prefer to move towards a hybrid infrastructure that combines the traditional IT with a private, managed loud and maybe just few cloud services.

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Indifferent from the strategy your company has wished to take, Pronet has had decades of experience of managing purely on prem environments, to Hybrid to Cloud ones.

operating costs


We can help you plan how you modern IT should look like. Careful planning and accurate execution are key factors for a successful migration from the on prem to the Hyrbrid to the Cloud Eras(s)

Maintain and Improve

We can also help you maintain and improve your current infrastructure and operations so you maximize operations.


We can train you around how to move from one stage to another and be by your side, until you do not needs us any more, as still, few organizations have to skills to build, manage and maintain a new cloud IT.

respect costs


Most of all, we respect sizes of all sizes and move accordingly to our customers' requests.

Change does not come only via Technology. It takes a mindset shift to drive things forward but also the security of a Trusted Advisor that will be next to you, having expertise, methodology and care for your business's success

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