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At Pronet we aim to create a safe ecosystem for the shipping industry and make sure that everybody is using the best services available for their needs.

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Challenges in Maritime with fortinet
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Challenges in Maritime

  • Smart Ships
  • IMO for International Safety Management Code
  • Safety Management Systems

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Security Fabric

Security Fabric

The Fortinet Security Fabric Solution provides End-to-end Security Protection, Visibility and Control to every network segment, device and appliance, automation and true integration between all network components.

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FortiGate NGFW

FortiGate NGFWs enable security-driven networking and consolidate industry-leading security capabilities such as intrusion prevention system (IPS), web filtering, secure sockets layer (SSL) inspection, and automated threat protection.

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The FortiSwitch Secure Access Family delivers outstanding security, performance, and manageability. Secure, Simple, and Scalable, FortiSwitch is the right choice for threat-conscious businesses of all sizes.

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FortiAP access points are managed centrally by the integrated WLAN controller of any FortiGate security appliance or can be managed through the free FortiCloud provisioning and
management portal.

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Why Pronet

At Pronet, we take your concerns and your needs seriously and we consult you based on our expertise and your abilities, counting 28 years of experience. We are a proud team of 22 experienced engineers who prefer to keep a low profile while taking on complex projects and we count more than 35 employees in total. We invest in our own people, their continuous training and a company culture that help us grow internally and externally. This has led to more than 600 happy customers in 12 different industries globally. We are proud to hold more than 50 academic certifications and 200 professional certifications.

We keep our customers satisfied by offering all the following services:

  • Solution Design, Deployment and Validation based on Zero Trust security
  • Technical Support with multiple SLAs incl L1, L2 & L3 support
  • Full integration of solutions across the tech stack
  • Cohesive coverage from on-premises to cloud
  • Seamless protection across all form factors
  • Covering shore and vessel


Pronet SA comes with a long-term partnership within the marine industry and is able to provide End to End security solutions. We have been announced Expert Fortinet Partner and currently engaged in many Fortinet deployments. We already have many successful deployments based on Fortinet Technology on shipping companies, covering HQs, to branches abroad to vessels. This is why Pronet has the expertise that is needed to secure your organization and help you tackle all necessary guidelines and proactively protect your assets from possible threats. From design, development, delivery to support throughout the process and continuous optimization, we make sure your organization gets the best that IT deserves!

Fortinet solutions with Pronet expertise are designed for zero touch deployments and seamless integration of multiple technologies with the operational efficiency that is critical for day-to-day shipping operations. Connectivity is at the heart of the shipping environment - wireless and wired networks must be secure, reliable, and easy to deploy and manage. Extending onshore security policies to the vessel is a critical part of protecting against advanced threats and must be an inherent part of a shipping company's network architecture. Fortinet protects you with a bundle of products including Fortinet Security Fabric, FortiGate NGFW, FortiSwitch Secure Access and FortiAP while Pronet ensures deployment and support throughout the process.

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