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Pronet maintains the "Security Expert" role for over 20 years in local IT market while in parallel is the valuable "Strategic Partner" for its clients, providing succsefull solutions and services that work on both IT infratstracture and security initiatives.

Accumulating knowledge and experience, we have segmentized our services into the following three areas:

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When business needs dictate to centralize Systems, Services or IT Functions in order to: create an effective disaster recovery strategy, maximize the performance, minimize labor redundancies, get volume discounts on technology purchases, and lower maintenance and training costs through standardization, Pronet is offering a team of experts to deliver fast and securly the best solution for your size and budget.


When there is a need to virtualize Systems, Applications, Appliances and Functions, a well-trained and certified team of professionals will propose and lead the migration of your systems and data to the proper virtual environment either it is located in-house or at the cloud.

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As an independent security partner, we will analyze your security and business demands and we will propose the best costless tailor made solution that works for you. Our certified engineers and consultants can provide far more than just product expertise, in order to assure you that our protection solution can go beyond an Antivirus software, a Firewall and an IPS! - We secure business, not only systems...