Pronet will keep your files safe for you.

Preventing data loss, corruption, and disclosure of sensitive information from unauthorized access, a server crash, human error or a natural disaster is critical to the long term success and maintainance of the "power" of any business.

Nowadays, it is not enough to simply implement an effective backup system - the backup system must be continuously monitored to ensure proper data is successfully backed up as scheduled.

However, many organizations (of any size) are operating today below the expected level of security with their backup systems because either there is a bad design of systems and processes in place or involved people have limmited knowledge on this technology. As a result, critical business data might be disapear time consuming processes delay organization's life.

As a solution to the above mentioned issue, decision-makers are opting for a managed backup solution, outsourcing the management of their backup system to a company with special expertise in data backup.

Pronet, is offering today, senior IT people with the proper certifications, expertise on Backup Systems and professional reputation to design the proper solution and continuously monitor the system to ensure successful backups are completed as scheduled.

The solution offers a highly effective online managed data backup service that utilizes multiple layers of security not only to protect the integrity and immediate availability of your company’s important data, but also to ensure the seamless performance of your backup system.

Backup Management Service includes:

Data assesment

Data assesment, Design Backup/Restore process and systems.


Systems and process monitoring.

Email notifications

to verify successful backups, fails, errors, etc.

Periodic status reports

when the backup occurred, how much data was backed up, how many historical backups are retained, etc. Reports are sent on a daily, weekly or monthly basis, whichever the client prefers.

Check for any problems

If a regularly scheduled backup failed to occur, Pronet will send a failed-backup notification to the client. This allows the client to check for any problems and ensure that a successful backup is completed. Moreover, Pronet technicians, who monitor all inactive backups on a daily basis, personally contact the client to make sure the client is aware of the failed backup.