Back up & DR

Working with high profile partners, Pronet offers the best quality of services

At Pronet we have been working on Back Up and DR projects since the first days of operations but in the cloud area, we have grown our expertise with Azure related services.

At Pronet we take pride of the high level service experience

Whether on Cloud or on Prem or for Hybrid environments, we can provide services and solutions that will guarantee your businesse's data continuous safe Back Up. Besides the assessment and planning phase, we support our clients with failed-backup notifications, we monitor all inactive backups on a daily basis and personally contact our clients to make sure they are aware of the failed backup.

We also verify our quality of work with reporting that contains information around the date and amount of backup data, the number of historical backups retained and more. Those reports are sent on a daily, weekly or monthly basis, based on client preference.

For DR solutions we use our Business Continuity Guardian.

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